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A Kenyan Priest Suspended for Using Rap as a Means of Evangelism (Video)

A Kenyan priest was suspended for a year by the Catholic Church for using rap music to attract young people to church.

Daily Monitor reports that Reverend Paul Ogalo of St. Monica Catholic Church in Rapogi, Migori County, southwest of Nairobi, was suspended by the Diocese of Homa Bay for improper conduct. Charles Kochiel, judicial vicar of the inter-diocesan court of Kisumu, confirmed the priest’s suspension.

Church leaders condemn evangelism strategy, but 45-year-old father Ogala urges youth to abandon drug use and get involved in environmental justice issues and social.

“I use rap music to bring young people to church, and then I make them know Christ,” Father Ogala said.

Bishop Philip Anyolo, who heads the diocese of Homa Bay, said the priest was suspended from public liturgical activities.

“It is true that the church took a disciplinary action against him. It was suspended because the use of rap music during preaching is not allowed. “

However, he stressed that Father Ogalo could attend religious services.

“We just stopped him from preaching using rap to give him time to change his habits. “


The priest’s suspension sparked a strong reaction on social media. While some netizens support the church’s decision, others say it was too harsh, saying it could push young people to flee the church.

“The Catholic Church is known to be … conservative in its doctrines, the priest was wrong to introduce rap at Mass,” wrote Mulama on his Facebook account.

“The church should allow Father Ogalo to use rap to bring, and attract more followers, young people listen better through rap because normal preaching is boring,” wrote another surfer.


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