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A Kenyan Created The First Video Game in 3D African

You probably already know the comics and African television series.  This is a young Kenyan has decided to create the first video game in 3D 100% made ​​in Africa. Called Nairobi X, the game was launched in June 2015. Andrew Kaggia is an amateur US video games. Tired of seeing the aliens landing on the rooftops of Los Angeles and New York, the young developer decided to land the aliens in Nairobi, his hometown.

A story set in Kenya 

The video game history is that of an attack by aliens, menacing and belligerent, landed in a plethora of green spiral above the Dome of Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Nairobi. Their goal is to seize the fabulous weapon hidden in the dome, and, as is often the case in this scenario to destroy the Earth and its inhabitants. The player is in the skin of the hero, soldier member of the Kenyan unit recce squad, which is supposed to defend Nairobi and fight the enemy.

This video game at attractive scenario quickly made ​​thousands of followers launched. From mid-July, it already had 21,000 downloads! Andrew Kaggia himself is baffled by such a success: “It affects the whole East Africa, beyond the borders of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia … and even South Sudan! “

Andrew   Kaggia: an ambitious developer unusual path

The video game industry is in its infancy in Africa compared to other continents. Andrew Kaggia the also points out: “Nairobi X is the first African-game video, the professional sense. This is the first shooting game and gunning in the first person and available network, the first video game in 3D, available portable computer. “The efforts of Kenyan youth have therefore paid, after years spent learning programming and animation tutorials. For a long time misunderstood by her family who considered his interest in video games as a fad and not a serious profession, the developer now holds a beautiful contrast.


If we can identify some games that begin to experience some fame in Africa, Nairobi X remains nevertheless the first game 100% African, designed and produced on the continent. Andre Kaggia is a self taught developer, since in the absence of animation school and funding for his project, he had to invest $ 5,000 himself and work hard to create the six hours of game Nairobi X.

So efforts have paid off, and the talented young man did not intend to stop anytime soon in its projects. Its objective is to develop the same scenario in every major African capitals: “It could be aliens land throughout Africa! It would become X Lagos, Johannesburg X, X Cairo! “He says enthusiastically. Desiring to make the video game industry a profitable business in Africa, Andrew also aspires to create video games holders of social messages on Africa, in connection with the protection of the environment and animals.


He dreams of founding a training school business developer

The growing success of the video game has even enabled the Black Box Production Division and Andrew to be contacted by Barack Obama during his visit to Kenya. The success has not had the same impact with the Kenyan Ministry of culture that brought no support to the developer.

Anyway, Nairobi X has the great advantage of making proud the inhabitants of the continent and more precisely geeks and gamers who now have an African hero to whom identify with.