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A French Lady Reveals Why She Likes The Influx of African Migrants Entering Her Country

While many girls in Europe seem to be unhappy with the level of illegal immigration in their country, Lisa is quite happy with the massive influx of African migrants.

Lisa, 22, is very satisfied with the number of African migrants entering her country and even wants more to fill the void of single women in her country. According to Lisa, migrants are very trustworthy and loyal guys to start a serious relationship with them.

She said that at her age, she had more than 6 French men and that her longest relationship lasted only 6 months. She had been dating an African migrant for over a year and they never had a problem

” Seidou is a Malian refugee who came to France 2 years ago. we met and started going out together. we have never had any problems and he is always there for me. he does everything I want him to do “Said she

Lisa says that she introduced her friends to African migrants and that they are all happy with their relationship. Lisa says that white men love to shout on, they are not good in bed, they do not know how to cook, they are not romantic, they are not affectionate, all they like is to go out with their friends and have fun, they have no plan for the future.

Lisa, who inherited her grandmother’s house, put her on sale for traveling to Mali with her migrant boyfriend.

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