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A Dad Enters The Impeccably Tidy Room Of His Son And Falls On A Letter That’ll Devastate Him!!

From their escapades and various acts of incivility, to the time spent in front of their computer, passing by the bad grades in the classroom, the adolescents prove more and more indomitable. This teenager is a perfect example of how well our rascals have genius when it comes to escaping parental sanctions. Read the letter he wrote to his father, to better understand.

A pitiful isolated note is nothing disastrous. Do not provoke the third world war even if you are convinced that your child could have made more efforts to reach the average. If he is a small skid, help your child regain self-confidence. This kind of stumbling is very destabilizing at this age. If you scold him too violently because of this one-off failure, expect him to hide you skillfully next time, falsifying his ballot or imitating your signature, to avoid your reaction.

How can parents go the wrong way?

If path accidents are repeated and mediocre scores accumulate, it is high time to conduct your investigation. Do not scream quickly by deducing that your child is only a dunce. These loss of means can signal a discomfort somewhere on your teen’s side. A child may be emotional, anxious, tired or struggling to concentrate during an assessment, losing any motivation.


Begin with an interest in his / her school work, ask him / her how his / her day is going, feel free to give him a hand or enroll him in support classes. Help him find a good working method to better organize himself. Motivate it and express your satisfaction at the slightest improvement. Reward him but not by promising him money. The good grades did not change. This attitude, like violence, is counterproductive and will not help the child to progress.

And if your child always seems not to care about his schooling, you certainly get angry but diplomatically. It will be useless to scream, be firm in reminding him that he must assume his responsibilities if he wants to realize his plans for the future. Apply sanctions if necessary, as long as he / she does not catch up.

Who among us has not been anxious one day to announce a bad note, finding a thousand and one pretexts to justify this bitter failure?



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