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A Connecticut Teacher Suspended After Casting Black Students as Slaves in a School Play

An elementary school teacher at West Woods School in Hamden, Connecticut, USA, was suspended after using black children as slaves in a school.

Loading... reports that the white teacher put together a play based on the transatlantic slave trade and placed black children in the roles of slaves.

The play, titled “A Trade Triangle,” was to be performed in a fifth-year class in West Woods.

Reports indicate that a complaint was made by a man named Carmen Parker whose 10-year-old daughter was in the cast of the play and told her about the play.

According to the girl who is biracial, she was considered to be an “African slave”. This did not suit his father, Parker, who filed a complaint with the school.

The teacher ended up canceling the play and was granted forced administrative leave.

District Human Resources Director Gary Highsmith said in an interview, “The teacher was put on paid leave without prejudice pending an investigation.”

Reports indicate that around 60% of the student body is made up of students of color while the teaching staff is 90% white.


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