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A Class Of Future African Leaders At Sciences Po!!

A squad of students invested the court of Sciences Po Paris . ” We try to guess who will be the judges for our defense ,” whispers Sehl Zargouni. At 36, the Tunisian is not a student but CEO MicroRed Tunisia , a financial institution based in Tunis. In parallel, he follows since April and a new program exclusively for Africans: Lead Campus , leaders for the Africa of tomorrow.

It is mostly in the premises of the prestigious Parisian institution that Pan class of 25 participants, aged 30 to 50, came to form . Fourteen nationalities for one problem: develop the enormous potential of the African continent. From the economic elite of their respective countries, all candidates have a project professional they aspire to set out on their return in “developing Africa by Africa “. But with the help of France .

“Worse than school!”

The program is in fact the initiative of two hexagonal institutions, the French Agency forDevelopment (AFD, partner World Africa ) and AfricaFrance foundation that has, it is true, as one foot on the continent. ” To train African managers to the complex realities of the continent’s development is a necessity and a priority ,” said the French-Beninese Lionel Zinsou, President of AfricaFrance and former Prime Minister of Benin .

After a week in Cape Town a week in Dakar and of course e-learning between each session, the seven-month program concludes Saturday, September 10 in Paris. ” Accomplished Duty! ” Rejoices Mr. Zargouni. Or almost. All participants must still undergo the ordeal of the defense before receiving a certificate. ” It was worse than school: we had homework every night this summer, while others used their vacation, I was working.! ” Said an amused Modassie Aline, a Cameroonian 38 years employee of intercommunal equipment Fund in its region of Adamawa.



Al-Hassan Khalil is executive director of Dari Couspate, a Moroccan company specializing in couscous, which already exports in nine African countries. ” We are seekers of industrial partners in Africa , says Moroccan 41 years. But there can not go like that, you have to knowpeople, clearing the way for finding the right industrial partners of tomorrow.” During the week training in Dakar, he has managed to sign a contract with a distributor Senegalese. The African experience has also enabled it to target other regional markets. With five Moroccans present in the formation , the Kingdom of Morocco, which has for fifteen years an all-out offensive on the continent, is the most represented nationality program.

The conquest of the sub-Sahelian Africa

Like his fellow Moroccan, Sehl Zargouni will exceed the borders of the Sahel to learn more about this continent that is also his. ” When we travel in a sub-Saharan country from the Maghreb, we tend to say ” we go to Africa. “But we’re already in Africa! Laments the Tunisian.We are Africans and we know very little about this continent. It is sad.

The main focus of the training lies undoubtedly the successful book addresses with which the candidate will depart. For seven months, the 25 Africans have rubbed shoulders like a real promotion of school, with its moments of stress, its debates heated, its self-help movements. A consolidated network WhatsApp a very active group, ” sometimes overused ,” jokes Djiby Diagne, a Senegalese 35 years. “But we spend our time exchanging , to give advice. It serves us enormously.

But this address book has a cost: 12,000 euros. Most candidates have obtained funding from their employers, others have requested a scholarship by submitting their file. Although France has allocated a budget of € 3 million via AFD, the program will be unable to continue beyond three to four years without having to attract new investors. ” We are looking for partners tosustain the program and especially for the do grow in volume, as 25 candidates across the African continent, this is ridiculous ,” said Vincent Douillet, the project manager.

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