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A Child Asked Emmanuel Macron Why Marine LePen Was Not Elected, The Answer Astonishes Us All!!

When one is elected president of the republic, one must answer the most picturesque questions even when they come out of the mouth of a child, one can not of course answer!

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On Sunday 18 June, the second round of the parliamentary elections took place. Emmanuel Macron went to vote at Le Touquet, according to his good duty as a citizen, and again took a hell of a crowd as might be expected. Function obligates! He took the time to greet the people present and a child quickly asked him a question. All right, without any hesitation, the child asks her: “And why did Marine lose? “Of course, referring to the presidential election which opposed the National Front candidate, Marine Le Pen, to the leader of the Republic on the march.
First, Emmanuel Macron was satisfied with a simple answer: She lost because she was beaten. ” After a few seconds, he went on with his explanations. “She lost because she did not convince people, and fortunately,” continued the President, who kept shaking hands around him. The answer, however, seemed to satisfy the child and it is the main one, so it will have been convincing, unlike its rival in May.
The candidate FN had not convinced during the debate between the two rounds, one of the turning points of this campaign.
Undoubtedly, there is this debate that has been missed, it must be said, I say very clearly, she declared on TF1 a few days after her defeat. I wanted to highlight the great fears I felt for Emmanuel Macron. I did it with ardor, passion, perhaps too much ardor, too much passion, some did not wait for that. ” End of March, The presidential candidates had played the game in the program ‘Au tableau’ filmed in a classroom of 18 pupils freely questioning the politicians each turn.
The initiative was widely welcomed and highly commented on on social networks. “It’s very different, both spontaneous and concise, very direct,” said Emmanuel Macron, who was the first in the broadcasting order.
As for Marine Le Pen, she simply did not make the trip, while Francois Fillon (Les Républicans), Benoît Hamon (Socialist Party), Jean-Luc Mélenchon (La France Insoumise) and Emmanuel Macron (En Marche) loaned to the game.
“Because of all the themes and Marine Le Pen positions, all children have questions for him. It would have been an interesting moment, it would have been great that she would play the game and come, “said Mélissa Theuriau, co-producer of the show she was presenting with Caroline Delage.
“This is a time when 10-year-olds are asking more relevant and interesting questions than some journalists,” read twitter after the program was a real success with the public.


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