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“A Cameroonian Minister Once Threatened Me”: Legendary Cameroonian Star Samuel Eto’o

While taking part in the program   Le debate africaine  sur  RFI,  Samuel Eto’o explained that a minister had utterly threatened him. Without wishing to decline the identity of this minister, Samuel Eto’o limited himself to admitting the circumstances in which he had been the victim of the threats:

“When you come to selection, it is not because you are the friend of such. I lived it for 10 years where there was a clan of people who wanted to play with each other, however the best were not in this clan, there were one or two players who deserved to play. You cannot take a group of friends and put them together to defend 25 million Cameroonians. Alain, one of your ministerial friends threatened me outright during the thing they organized among themselves to say that it is Samuel Eto’o the culprit, ”he declared.


For his part, Alain Foka, the journalist from RFI, said he was ignorant of the minister to whom he refers.

By evoking the problems which delay the expansion of African and Cameroonian football Samuel Eto’o explained the difficulties which prevent him from working in this direction:

“Developing African football depends on each federation. But there are bad leaders, and that is the first thing. Because, if you see, our federations are very poor, and they rely on our states. The priority of our states is not football. Well even when there are funds allocated for football, there is a lot of blackmail, (…) “The only thing that interests its leaders is to steal”


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