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A Bronx Man Accidentally Shoots Himself And Then Blames It On An African American Man!!

A Bronx 20 years old man accidentally shot himself and tried to blame it all on an African American man. According to the New York Daily News, the man by the name of Arthur Palombo was nabbed on Thursday after the police failed to verify the authenticity of his story. When questioned by the police, Palombo said that he had gone to park so he could show an old revolver to a potential buyer. According to Palombo, they argued with the said customer over $100 which he was asking to sell the gun before the buyer shot him.

However, Palombo admitted that he had made up the story once he was released from Jacobi Medical Centre and was questioned by the police again. The revolver had been in his jacket when it went off accidentally. He would later be charged with filing a false report and Illegal weapon possession.

Neo-Nazi fears stabbing of black man may lead to unfair backlash against White supremacy


The founder of the Neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer Andrew Anglin condemned a stabbing in New York that was racially motivated in New York City by a man who prided himself to be a white supremacist. Anglin does not the stabbing does not represent White Supremacy and that it could lead people to White Supremacist’s discrimination by people. According to the authorities, James Jackson traveled to New York City from Baltimore with the specific intention of killing an African American man ultimately stabbing Timothy Caughman through the back with a sword.

No apology

Anglin however, did not offer an apology for this heinous act with his condemnation reporting that white supremacists were under no obligation to apologize for the attack. He claimed the White supremacists was a religion of peace and the majority of its members are peaceful members of the society who do not agree with the stabbing of random African Americans with swords. He went on to claim that White supremacists would be subject to prejudice and unfair scrutiny and that there would be unfair discrimination of people who look like white supremacists. Angling said that it was time for society to rally around white supremacists and show that they don’t take the blame for acts of people who wrongly used their beliefs for evil.


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