A Blind Journalist Apprentice Realizes Her Dream: Interview Vladimir Putin (VIDEO)

Regina, a blind young Russian, dreamed of becoming a journalist and interviewing Vladimir Putin. RT organized this meeting in the form of a Christmas present, during which the president let himself go to some confessions …

Regina, a 17-year-old Russian girl, aspires to become a journalist. But she is blind, a handicap that has so far closed her doors. On the eve of Christmas, Margarita Simonian, editor-in-chief of RT, allowed her to fulfill her dream: interview Vladimir Putin.

Invited to Moscow, the girl first took part in a swimming competition, during which she won a silver medal. Then she met journalists who told her the ropes, an essential step for her to prepare her questions for the Russian head of state.

The day of the meeting, the young Regina was able to get acquainted with Vladimir Putin, not through the eyes, but by the touch: she palpated the face of his fingers to mentally represent the appearance of the Russian president.

Vladimir Putin, who had played the question-and-answer game for journalists for several hours at the annual press conference on December 20, was pleased with this new exercise. He concluded the interview with the aspiring journalist hoping that the wishes of all come true in 2019. 

Answering the girl’s somewhat ingenuous questions, Vladimir Putin engaged in a few confessions, especially about his early years, his Russian debut and his wishes for the future.

His youth ambitions: to become an intelligence ace

Has he always cherished the dream of becoming president? Vladimir Putin responds in the negative. Young man, he was passionate about intelligence services, based on movies or readings. “It always seemed extremely important and interesting to me when someone, by virtue of his knowledge and talents, and for the sake of the Fatherland, is always ready to reach a goal at any price, who is ready to sacrifice oneself, “he said. He said he was fascinated by the crucial results achieved by one man for the whole of a country, especially during troubled times like war.


Someone who, by virtue of his knowledge and talents, and for the sake of the Fatherland, is always ready to reach a goal at any price, is ready to sacrifice himself

The Russian president then spoke of his early years as a university student, a law school in Leningrad he does not mention, his first position in the security services of the KGB followed by two special formations within them.

The Presidency ? A combination of circumstances

But Vladimir Putin then claimed that his accession to power was somewhat fortuitous. He mentioned it in a surprisingly simple way: “It happened like this”. He said that was not his intention, and that fate took this turn with the proposal of the first President of the Russian Federation, Boris Yeltsin.

I have never dreamed of becoming president. […] It’s the result of a combination of circumstances

Although he said he had not regretted taking up this position, he remembered his first steps as head of state, describing them as difficult in a context of insecurity and economic disinheritance. Vladimir Putin mentioned the fight against Chechen terrorists in the North Caucasus and the support he received from the people. According to him, the peoples living in Russia are the real foundation of the country.

Progress made this year

The gift that Vladimir Putin would like to receive? Take stock of a year that is “ultimately positive”, and be able to say that “the many […] difficulties” have been overcome. He emphasized in his program development “support for those who need it”. The main thing for the head of state is to be sure of being “on the right track” and achieving the “goals” that his team and himself had set for themselves.

May this New Year put us in an optimistic mood, be happy and prosperous for everyone

The strong man of the Kremlin wanted to continue to improve life in the country “on the basis of what has been done in previous years, including the one that ends”. “May this new year fill us with an optimistic mood, be happy and prosperous for everyone,” Vladimir Putin concluded.


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