95% of Kenyans Enumerated as Census Exercise Ends: Government

As the curtains fall on the week long 2019 Kenya National Population and housing Census, the  Kenyan government says over 95% of Kenyans have been enumerated.

Speaking to members of the press on Saturday, August 31, Planning Principal Secretary Saitoti Thorome disclosed that the government was not intending to extend the deadline as a majority of Kenyans have already been enumerated

“Since we have covered over 95% up to now and we expect that whoever is remaining will be enumerated by the end of the day, we therefore see no need to extend the deadline,” said Thorome.

Those who will not have been counted as of tonight are advised to call toll free number 0800 221 020 to contact the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) office to be enumerated before the deadline. The KNBS Director General Zachary Mwangi said the enumerators will be dropping cards containing the toll free number at the doors of those who would not be found in their houses during the exercise.

Once the data is collected it will be analysed and a preliminary report will be released after three months.

The government insists the data will be crucial for planning especially on issues of resource allocation.

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