93-year-old Old Man Flirts Subtly with U.S First Lady Melania, Donald Trump Replies

The US presidential couple recently visited Britain at Buckingham Palace at Queen Elizabeth’s for a three-day official visit. The welcome of President Trump and his wife Melania was particularly warm at the Queen’s Palace in England.

Apart from a banquet at Buckingham Palace and a dinner at Wingfieds House, the presidential couple went to meet the war veterans on the occasion of the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the landing. Along with the American couple, other leaders also went to meet the veterans. This is the case of Theresa May the head of the British government.


One of the highlights of this meeting is when 93-year-old veteran Thomas Cuthbert subtly made advances to Melania as he shook hands with her husband Donald Trump. He told the American president that Melania was  very elegant, cute in a white coat and a matching hat: “She’s cute, huh.Ah! If I were twenty years younger … “ . Visibly, this misplaced remark did not seem to bother the President of the United States, who responded in an equally distinguished way: “Oh, but I’m sure you could manage! » .


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