90-Year-Old Woman Receives GED After Dropping Out Of School In 10th Grade

Ellouise Lewis, 90, dropped out of school in the 10th grade — Photo Credit: Gulfport Care Center


A 90-year-old Mississippi woman who dropped out of school in the 10th grade was recently awarded an honorary GED. According to WLOX, Ellouise Lewis was presented with the honorary certificate during a graduation ceremony on September 21.


“I never did get a chance to graduate until this day,” the nonagenarian told the news outlet, adding that it had always been her wish to complete high school. The 90-year-old’s wish was eventually made a reality by the staff at Care Center.

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“When they told me here that I could get my GED, I was happy about it. I’m still happy,” a tearful Lewis said. “Excuse me, because this makes me happy to know that I can do this.”

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Activity Director Lisa Perdue looked into the possibility of Lewis earning a GED after she made her wish known. “It’s a blessing to me and to my coworkers to be able to make this happen,” Perdue said.

Wells of SouthGate, which is a Gulfport-based Christian learning center, jumped at the idea of making Lewis’ wish come true after Perdue got in touch with them. “It was just great to be involved with this,” Leonard Martin said.

The organization organized a mock test for Lewis – which she ultimately passed. She also became the first person to receive a GED from the organization.

“She’s the first,” Lewis’ son said. “She’s pivotal. So, hopefully, it will open doors for others to follow in her footsteps.”



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