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9-Year-Old Black Student Posts Emotional Video Against Racist Bullying

Nasir Andrews, 9, a fourth-grader at Ardmore Elementary School in Bellevue, Washington, posts video against racist bullying.

An African-American elementary school student in Bellevue, Washington sends a powerful anti-bullying message in an emotional Facebook video, which has gone viral, KIRO-TV reports.

So emotional is the video of 9-year-old Nasir Andrews that she doesn’t have to say a word. Nasir, who is finishing fourth grade at Ardmore Elementary School, holds up index cards with written words and phrases that tell her disturbing story at the hands of mean-spirited, racist classmates in the video.

Her story starts in September when her peers began tormenting her. Classmates of Nasir, who is one of about 40 Black students at Ardmore Elementary which has a large number of Hispanic, Asian, and Indian students, referred to her using racial slurs including “Nutella” and “servant,” KIRO reported.


A student called me ‘Nutella,’ and I told my after-school teacher and she said it wasn’t racist and she made me write the definition of racist,” said Nasir, whose video was shared more than 17,500 times and reached more than 670,000 people, KIRO reported.

The young girl, who came up with the hashtag #backdownbully, said that she was picked on for buying lunch, and kids on the school bus laughed at her. Her peers took her snacks from her, she added, and ran away from her on the playground. Having trouble finding friends, Nasir had also been pushed, kicked and choked by her classmates.

She complained to teachers and administrators, but her cries for help fell on deaf ears. At a dead end, she made the video to seek help for herself and other students targeted by bullies.

I think that we need to stop bullying and just know that if you’re doing it, you’re hurting people,” Nasir told the outlet.

The school said it opened an investigation into the incidents involving Nasir, however, her family is deciding where to send her next school year, the New York Daily News reported.


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