9 Work-Life Balance Mistakes Couples Often Make

What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas right? But how many people know that this also applies to work?

Looking at it this way it’s easier said than done, having to put behind you activities you do and people you meet with most part of the day… that’s quite impossible if you ask us.

However, striking a work-life balance could help you in those insane moments of your life so your relationship can still be intact despite work hassles.

Julia Austin of Madame Noire lists a few tips on how couples make mistakes regarding their work-life balance:

  1. Saying yes to every networking opportunity: If you don’t go to every networking drink/dinner/wilderness outing/yacht club opportunity you’re invited to, you feel like you’re “falling behind” your coworkers and competitors. You think you’re the only one who misses any of these events.

  2. Failing to take vacations: You figure that you will take a vacation when your finances are more stable, right? You think that you will fall behind professionally if you take a break.

  3. Talking to coworkers about your relationship: ’s easy to let information about your relationship slip to your co-workers. Someone sees you looking down and asks you “Is everything okay?” Suddenly you’re venting to your co-worker about how your partner doesn’t understand you.

  4. Taking more money when you don’t need it:  If you’re offered a position that pays more money, you think “I have to take it, right? I’d be dumb not to!”

  5. Diving into TV when you get home: You and your partner just want to lay out in front of the TV when you get home. You’ve been talking to people all day and so has he. You’re too tired to talk with one another. So the TV goes on

  6. Being too tired to listen to the other person: Your partner comes home, and he’s had a rough day. But you’ve had a rough day too. It feels as though if your partner piles his problems up on top of your own that your head will explode. So you say, “Can we talk about something else? I can’t handle one more issue today.”

  7. Skipping sex for more sleep: You tell yourself “This is a mature relationship now. We don’t need to have sex all of the time. It’s better for both of us that we get more sleep instead so we’re not cranky with one another tomorrow.”

  8. Forgetting that the relationship is the point: Something bad happened at work. You’re so upset. You’re angry at a co-worker. You’re stressed out. You just can’t turn this night around. You had a bad day at work, so you’ve decided it’s going to be a bad day for everyone else around you as well.

  9. Let your partner fix that: News flash – the only reason you work so hard is so that you can secure a good life for yourself, one in which you have a healthy and happy relationship. So work isn’t perfect. You still have a job. And better yet, you still have your loving partner at home. If you two can still laugh and cuddle and have sex at the end of the day, you’re still winning. Don’t ever forget that.



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