9 Things People With A Failure mindset Do

Success is a thing of the mind. Most unsuccessful people failed because they have a failure mindset, as they are always thinking negatively. It is known as ‘victim mentality’ in psychology.

Here are a 9 things that people with a failure mindset do, which we should avoid:

  • They never seek the solution: There’s no one without problems, but what makes a successful person is being able to seek the solution after the problem. Unfortunately, they would rather sit with the problem for days without seeking a solution.

  • All advice, no experience: Most failure minded people have a lot of intellectual knowledge and they’ll tell you all day long but they have no tangible story about how they applied said knowledge to their lives or businesses.

  • They spend money they don’t have: Rather than invest, they spend all the physical cash they have at the time and when that expires, they get a credit card and swipe their way into debt.

  • Materialism: They spend their time paying attention to what they can acquire materially, as opposed to how they can add value to themselves or their businesses.

  • Work/life balance instead of better work: Most of them leave their current job to start their own thing because they feel working for other people gives them less time to focus on other aspects of their lives. This is an illusion. If you are unhappy with your current job you should be seeking a better job.

  • There’s always an excuse: They always have one excuse or the other as to why they haven’t reached their fullest potential. They are masters at playing the blame game and ascribing blame to everyone but themselves.

  • Great ideas without execution: Successful people take the things in their minds and make them physical. The failure mindset stays in fantasy land and has no business with reality, which is why they never achieve.

  • Wrong association: They say show me your friend and i’ll tell you who you are. When you surround yourself with people who are successful, it influences you, same as the opposite.

  • Everyone else is responsible for them: They believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to make them something. It is a laziness mentality, which says that you should be given everything good you have. The truth is there’s nothing good given to us that lasts. We must all work hard for the good things that last.



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