9 Things Only People Who Travel Will Understand

The gene called, DRD4-7R is associated with “risk-taking, sensation-seeking and novelty-seeking, and correlated with openness to new experiences, intolerance to monotony, and exploratory behaviour,” as published in Huffington Post. That said, maybe your “travel genes” are open and anxious to explore the world, while others haven’t been fully bitten by the travel bug.

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Those who were born to travel may have more in common than this gene. Here are 9 things those who travel love and understand

They’ll never get tired of travelling

These are usually the people who start off their sentences with “When I was….”. Yes, these people are addicted to travelling and they will never get enough. I mean to travel and see the world, seek out new adventures and experience life in all its forms is a great way to live your life

They know how to pack like a pro

When you travel, one of the biggest tricks up your sleeve should be the art of packing. You should be able to pack according to weight and do so smartly. People who love to travel already have this skill in place. You’ll also know the airports ins and outs and you know what is allowed and what not on the plane.

They can handle jet lag

They are immune against jetlag, mainly because they know the drill. They know when to take naps on board and can work out time zones accordingly to make sure they will be A-okay when they land.

They don’t mind going to countries with diseases


Travellers know that if they are going into an infested land full of diseases, they should take precautions in doing so. For instance, if they should visit a place that is infested with malaria, they get the right vaccinations to do so. Diseases and illnesses don’t easily scare them off.

The anticipation of planning the trip is half the fun

While you are planning and booking your trip to your next destination, you get all wind up and excited. That is the travellers’ addiction – the excitement that builds up before going on the trip. They plan out their time schedules and check out the fun things they can expect to do wherever they are going. I’d say that is half the fun. We all work hard and live in stressful times, being excited about something makes it all worthwhile.

They make friends all over the world

Travellers are not afraid to meet new people and learn about their culture or lifestyles. The traveller quickly makes friends with strangers in new places. There are a few tricks in doing so: if it’s in a club, or playing cards in a hotel room, travellers are sure to make some friends along the way.

They say money doesn’t buy happiness….

It was recently found that money can in fact buy happiness, but only in the things you pay to do and in that make memories. To make great memories make people happy. That’s why travellers don’t have to justify their budgets because they are making memories that will last a lifetime.

They are very curious

Travellers are curious about the world and new places and you know your thirst for curiosity will not fade until you travel and find out what is for what.

They are very fond of maps

Travellers love, love, love maps. Travellers like to know where what is in the world and will most likely study maps to make sure they are right. They probably also know the capitals of cities and famous landmark destinations which they could pin on the wall for their next trip.

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