9 Statements Non-V!rgin Ladies Normally Find Offensive

In the society we live, it’s completely normal for a guy to publicly discuss his se.xual prowess to the world and will be cheered and may even receive a standing ovation for that. But the ladies dare not. This is because we are in a society where ladies are rebuked, ridiculed, castigated and labelled all sort of names for publicly discussing their se.xual status. As a result of that they face, these have led many of our ladies into living a life of hypocrisy, deceit and pretence so as to appear decent and responsible to their spouse or interested “chairmen”

In recent days, many of our ladies resort to telling lies while some of them resort to using tightening creams and some other things which time will not permit me to mention, all in a bid to virgin-sam gullible guys.

Without wasting time, I shall mention the statements many non virgin ladies find very offensive

Note: This write-up only focuses on the statements that makes a proportion of non virgin ladies to get offended. It is NOT to discriminate against, or hype the virgins.

10 Statements Non Virgin Ladies Normally Find Offensive

1. Are you a virgin?

This question sounds inoffensive but I can assure you that the larger percent of our ladies will get offended by it. Some of them are usually very timid and uncomfortable answering this question and may get angry. When you start dating a lady and you take the courage to ask this question, she will give you a stern look, which will be interpreted as “I thought you said you love me?”. This reminds me when I asked this same question and she began to narrate how she fell from a mango tree when she was primary 3 and she began to bleed. In other words, that was how she lost her virginity. *smh*

2. Virgin Ladies are more Respected by their partners than non-virgins

This particular statement makes them feel unworthy. You would also notice the ‘regretful look’ on their faces, wishing they never lost it

3. I want to Marry a virgin lady


Don’t even utter this statement especially when you are in the midst of the female folks, or else, they will tag you a clown. However, when this statement is being uttered, ladies will begin to interrogate you with questions like “after you have defiled many ladies, now you want a virgin abi? “You really need to grow up”; “where will you see a virgin in this generation? Unless you go to the village

4. When were you Disflowered?

Another statement they find very offensive. They are most likely to give you a polite embarrassment of your life. The ones who are bold enough to answer that question will subtract 5 years from when the deed was done, and will tell you they lost it last year.

5. How many Guys have you got laid with?

This is a question that can end a relationship when asked (whether you wan to marry her on not), so endeavour to avoid asking such a question. It’s either they tell you they only had it once with their ex who took advantage of their undying love and forcefully coerced them into sex. One once told me that she lost her virginity when she was having her bath ? She further said that she was washing beneath that region when her sponge accidentally slipped into her kitty-cat, and she began to bleed.

6. Virgin Ladies are Decent

Non virgin ladies detest when you place too much emphasis on virgin ladies praising or hyping them. This statement will make them feel they are worthless, hence, they get offended

7. Have you ever been Impregnated ?

This reminds me of a thread which graced the front page of nairaland few days ago. A dude and his proclaimed girlfriend engaged in an inquisitive conversation, only to ask her if she had ever been impregnated at a point in time. She got mad, walked out of him, stopped picking his calls and her interest in the relationship head on diminishing returns

8. When was the Last time you had Fun

In as much as this question is quite unnecessary, don’t even dare ask if you don’t want her to get offended. The ones who are bold enough to be outspoken will vehemently lie that it was 15 years ago

9. I cannot Marry a non-virgin Lady

This is a discriminating statement which is being uttered by some dudes. I trust that every non virgin lady will be offended by this statement


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