9 South African dishes that will make your mouth water

Fascinating and colorful, the South African food reflects the cultural diversity of their country.At first sight, it may be surprising for novices. Those who have taken the plunge know that it keeps its promises.

1. Pap

This cereal porridge is the iconic food of the South African ancestral cuisine. Very consumed in the townships and rural areas, it may be the daily meal. This slurry can be called “pap” for the most liquid corn porridge, or ‘samp’ for less liquid corn grits.


2. biltong

This dried meat prepared beef meat is served at any time of the day. The ostrich, springbok or antelope can be used for preparing biltong. The meat is seasoned vinegar-based, salt, coriander, black pepper and sugar. This is a must snack rich in protein.

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