9 Obvious Signs She’s About to Break Up With You

A woman is a complicated machine that sometimes, decoding things might be very difficult unless you have experience or idea. That’s why we provide you the tips to handle your relationship problems before they get out of hand. The AskMen Editors have assembled these important guide to help you.
1. She avoids your family & friends
A girlfriend looking to secure a place in your life will have to make nice with both your family and your friends, but she wouldn’t put in the time if she didn’t think there was any future in your relationship. There are two reasons why she might not want to spend the quality time: Either she doesn’t like them or she doesn’t want to become too ingrained in your social circle, which would make it harder for her to walk away. And if she genuinely dislikes them, a relationship-minded girlfriend is likely to throw you a bone every once in a while if she wants to be a part of your life. The same thing applies if she’s not interested in you meeting her circle of friends and family. Like jen_wexxx writes, “If she suddenly doesn’t want you meeting important people in their lives like parents,” that’s a sure sign she’s checked out.
2. She doesn’t make future plans
Planning ahead is the hallmark of what makes a relationship serious rather than casual. If you find that your lady isn’t dropping hints about events or plans more than a week or two away, there’s a good chance she isn’t sure you’ll be around. As PigeonCoo writes, “Ask yourself: Is she making a lot of plans that do not include me?” If she’s making future plans — they just don’t include you — she’s not doing it by accident and is likely looking for a way to end things.
3. She never leaves anything at your place
It’s only natural: If you’re in a strong relationship, you feel comfortable leaving each other’s stuff at each other’s flats. It can be practical items like a brush and a pair of pyjamas or something personal like a book; in either case they signal that she sees her presence as somewhat consistent and at the very least, her intent to visit again. If she always packs a complete overnight bag and is reluctant to leave anything behind, it might signal that she isn’t sure that she’ll be coming back and she’s wary of losing those items for good.
4. She’s Been Hanging Out With So & So. A Lot.
Obviously everyone’s entitled to having friends of the opposite gender while in a relationship. But if she casually references the fact that she’s been hanging out with a certain so and so over and over again, chances are she’s losing interest in you and veering towards a relationship with the person she keeps mentioning. Bonus points if you text or call her while she’s hanging out with him and she doesn’t answer.
5. She Seems Uninterested
Remember how, when you first got together, everything you said was interesting? Everything made her laugh? Now she can’t even be bothered to stop mid-text when you tell her you got a promotion at work or your mate can’t make your birthday drinks. She seems to have a great time whenever she’s out with friends but when she’s with you she just seems muted. Furthermore, if when she does answer, it’s a one-word comment feigning interest, that’s a sure sign she’s waiting to end things, writes jen_wexxx.
6. She Doesn’t Touch You – Like At All
If you’re into someone it’s hard not to hold their hand or run your fingers through their hair. Even if you’ve been together forever, and that butterflies-in-your-stomach-feeling wanes, these things don’t lessen they only become more natural and consistent. Less charged, perhaps. So the minute the touching stops, whether it’s passionate or habitual, you know something’s up.
7. She’s Picking Fights
Fights are normal in any healthy relationship — it’s the way they start that matters (well, and how ugly they get…). Basically if everything becomes an issue — especially if things that she used to be cool about become excuses to stir up World War III — you need to be reading the fact that she’s trying to get you fed up enough that you’ll break up with her first. At a minimum, she’s extremely unhappy about something you’re doing and this is her way of telling you. A deleted comment from the Reddit thread names “inciting arguments with you over seemingly inane things” and we couldn’t agree more.
8. She Takes Forever To Reply
If she wants to be with you, she’ll be happy to see a text or call from you and reply fairly quickly. Of course there may be the occasional lengthy pause for dramatic measure, but she will never flat out ignore you. Ignoring is a dummy-proof rejection, fellas.
9. She Ignores You When You’re Together
It’s no great secret that happy couples interact with each other — a lot. If you’re hanging out and she’s constantly checking her phone or if you’re out with a group of friends and she’s making a point to seem really interested in everyone else but you, you’re in trouble. Her disregard will extend to social media as well; As jen_wexxx points out, she’ll “shut off Facebook chat only for you but will obviously still be on Facebook”, she’ll ignore your messages or won’t respond to comments.

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