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9 Most Important Places To Note When Having Your Bath

Sometimes we wonder and ask why are our towels always dirty when what we also use them is only to dry our body after bath.. Not knowing there are some places we don’t give attention too Sit close and let’s learn

1. The back of the Ears.

Yes,the back of the ears. Some of us have even forgotten it is part of the body that need attention since it participate in no activity during the day..

2. The neck region and Under the Jaw.

We ignore this most times meanwhile it is the part of the body that does most of the rotation, thereby creating more friction, more sweat ,more dirt

3.The back and vertebra region

At times we ignore the back when we are in a haste and also our hands cannot reach there easily.. But we forget that ,the back is where there sweat accumulate first undisturbed.. So give it a little time, hold both ends with each hands raise it to the back and squaa squaa

4.Private and Pubic Region

The armpit,private parts,hairy body all help accommodate dirt ,give them and good wash and keep them trimmed

5. Kneels.

The kneel joint does more work especially while walking and causing more friction around the area excreting sweat so a good scrub should do some good!

6. In between thighs

Mostly for those that sweat alot.during the hard day work you would feel the bead of sweat running down your thighs please do not ignore it give the are a scrub too

7.Elbow Region

It serve almost the same purpose as the Kneel. They both have hard surfaces so they can withstand unfavorable condition.. Do them a favor and make them clean

8. In between the toes and Feet

Putting on socks and Locking your feet inside your shoes.. Doesn’t give a guarantee they neat.. The heat cause them to sweat and smell. They surely would appreciate it if you give them a wash.

9.Belly . 

Some peoples belly . can provide a construction company 5 trips of Black Humus soil..  So please take time to wash and keep it clean always..

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