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9 Maxims To Be A Legend According To World’s Fastest Man, Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt remains a legend in the field of athletics. The so-called  Lightening Bolt  (The Lightning or Thunderbolt, in English), holds countless world records. Indeed, he is the most successful athlete in the history of the Olympic Games in sprint with eight gold medals. Likewise, he is the most successful athlete in world championship history with eleven wins. In addition, Usain Bolt is the only athlete to have kept a speed record in three consecutive Olympics and the only athlete to have broken three world records in a single Olympiad. He retired from sports in 2017 after being injured and beaten by Justin Gatlin. Here are 9 maxims to be a legend according to the Lightening Bolt.

15th IAAF World Athletics Championships Beijing 2015 - Day Six


His maxims

“Never think at the beginning of your race just focus on its end. ”

“I have a goal, I want to be a legend. ”

“Do you know what you want? So give all you have in you to get it »

“I am focused on what I want to accomplish. I know what I have to do to be a champion. So I’m working on it. ”

“Many legends and athletes have come before me, but this is my moment. ”

“Kill them with your success and finish them with a smile! ”

“There is nothing harder than repeating the same gestures over and over again. ”

“Every season that starts, it’s like I’m starting from scratch. ”

” Nothing is impossible. In my opinion, the limits do not exist. ”


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