9 Loved And Hated Daughters Of African Presidents

In the U.S. first ladies get lots of attention but the media tend to give presidents’ children privacy. In Africa, first daughters are just as doted over. Whether they’re treated as goddesses or gossiped about to no end, these daughters of African leaders get lots of media attention. Here are 10 daughters of African leaders who are very popular…and some no so much.

1. Isabel Dos Santos (Angola)

Isabel dos Santos is a brilliant businesswoman and Africa’s richest female billionaire. She makes her money in banking, cement, diamonds and telecommunications. The business mogul recently celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary to businessman Sindika Dokolo, with a lavish party that involved flying in friends on private jets. This raised eyebrows in a country where most people live on $2 a day.

2. Thuthukile Zuma (South Africa)

Thuthukile Zuma is the daughter of South African president Jacob Zuma. Zuma made history when she became the youngest chief of staff in the Department of Communications and Postal Services for South Africa. This impressed some South Africans, but left others wondering if nepotism was at work.

3. Ngina Kenyatta (Kenya)


Ngina Kenyatta, right, is the daughter of President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Wanjiru. In 2014, she was rumored to be pregnant by a high-ranking police officer. A photo that made Kenyatta appear to be sporting a baby bump spurred the rumors. The president’s daughter was, in fact, not pregnant.

4. Sikhanyiso Dlamini (Swaziland)

Sikhanyiso Dlamini is oldest of King Mswati’s 30 children. Dlamini graduated from Sydney University where she earned a master’s degree in digital communications. But what makes Dlamini most interesting is the princess is an aspiring rapper.

5. Ange kagame (Rwanda)


Ange Kagame, daughter of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, is known, along with her mother, Jeannette Nyiramongi, for philanthropic work. Ange works with her mother on the Imbuto Foundation, which helps women in Rwanda form bright futures. Ange is studying political science and African studies at Smith College in Massachusetts, U.S.


6. Anastasia Brenda Eyenga Biya (Cameroon)

Anastasia Brenda Eyenga Biya is the daughter of President Paul Biya. She was was named one of the most beautiful daughters of African presidents and isn’t shy about posting pictures of herself on social media in trendy outfits that show off her figure.

7. Bona Mugabe (Zimbabwe)


Bona Mugabe is the daughter of President Robert Mugabe, and is is admired for her education and work ethic. She studied accounting and finance at the City University of Hong Kong before going on to graduate school in banking and finance at Singapore Institute of Management. Mugabe’s wedding at her father’s mansion drew a lot of attention in 2014. The wedding had thousands of guests and was broadcast live.

8. Elizabeth Faith Sakwe (Nigeria)

Elizabeth Faith Sakwe is the adopted daughter of President Goodluck Jonathan. Her adoption story won the hearts of Africans everywhere. Her biological father was a People’s Democratic Party chieftain in Bayelsa State and when he died in a horrible car accident, President Jonathan adopted Elizabeth and her siblings. Her wedding to Prince Godswill Edward Osim in 2014 drew plenty of public attention. In attendance were religious leaders, military officials and celebrities.

9. Aya al-Sisi (Egypt)

Aya al-Sisi (far right) is the daughter of Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. She has three brothers but stands out among the siblings for being “lovely” and “courteous and polite” on Twitter.



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