9 Hints – 30 Days To Lose Weight

It’s quite natural that people should want to improve their appearance. When we look good, we feel good. New clothes, fashionable shoes, makeup and accessories change our looks. What weight loss does is that it improves our health.

Good things are not easy to accomplish. Weigh loss involves getting rid of your old bad habits, getting used to a new diet and workout routine. To make things slightly easier, we offer to follow our advice below:

1. Sugary Stuff
We consume too much sugar. There is lots of sugar in cookies, candies, chocolates, fizzy drinks and energy drinks. If you cannot live a day without something sweet, try and replace part of your sugary snacks with fruits. Another thing to do is to reduce portions. Drink your tea or coffee without sugar at all. If you do not like the taste, then drink sweet tea and coffee once a day, preferably in the morning.

9 Hints - 30 Days To Lose Weight


2. Fruits and Veggies
No doubt our bodies need vitamins and minerals. The best source to get those nutrients from is fruits and vegetables. There are a lot of dishes you can prepare: vegetable or fruit salads, smoothies, healthy desserts and snack on them whenever you feel hungry.


3. Avoid Alcohol
Alcohol is bad for a variety of reasons, one of them being calories. More calories per gram can be found only in fat and oil. To stay healthy you need all your organs to function properly. If you drink alcohol you damage your liver. Ethanol is harmful to kidneys and, of course, your heart. Stay away from booze!


4. Sleeping Longer Hours
The more you sleep, the less you eat. And this happens because of your hormone level. To stay awake you need more energy and if you do not sleep enough, then the only way to restore it is to consume more food. A minimum of 8 hours of sleep is necessary for a successful weight loss. Let your body have a rest at night.



5. Food Prepared at Home
Spend some time to cook your own meals. This allows you to fully control the process. When you make your meals you know what exactly it is made from. You can replace some certain ingredients with healthier options and this is not always possible when you eat in a coffee house or restaurant. Do not worry if you have no necessary skills. It won’t take you too much time to learn to cook your most favorite dishes.


6. Cut Down on Meat
Next time you go to the supermarket to buy meat, think if you trust the quality. Nowadays cattle that are grown for meat are fed on antibiotics and growth hormones. Visit a farmer’s market or a meat section of a store where they sell organic foods. You do not want them in your body! Replace meat with fish. This will be a much healthier option.


7. Conscious Eating
Make your diet as interesting and varied as possible. Let it be delicious and beautiful. Fill it up with colorful fruits and vegetables. Make sure that your menu includes healthy fats and lean protein. Pay attention to the amount of calories you consume and their quality. Eat smaller portions 4-5 times a day – this is how you will eliminate food cravings. Calories in snacks do count! Stay alert and watch what you put in your mouth.


8. Don’t Have Any Takeout
There is not a single positive thing to say about takeout food. Such food is one of the worst things humanity has ever invented throughout its whole history. It saves time but damages your health. The same is true about fast food restaurants. Forget about junk food forever, even after you have lost a considerable amount of weight. Not only will you save your money, but will also improve your health and lose weight faster.


9. Exercising for Pleasure
Do not get obsessed with sport. Practice it for your own pleasure and entertainment. Let it be fun. Every day do something different. It will be less monotonous and boring which means you will want to do sports regularly. Do strength training, some cardio, play games, or simply walk. Stay active, burn calories and enjoy your new slimmer life!


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