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9 Black Hair Facts That Some Caucasians Barely Understand  


1. Black Women Do Not Have to Wash Their Hair Every Day

Time and time again, white women seem to be repulsed by the idea that Black women do not wash their hair every day. It seems unhygienic to a group of people who have to wash their hair on a nearly daily basis to avoid oil overload. For Black hair, however, it can actually be damaging for a woman to wash her hair every day and strip her hair follicles of necessary oils.


2. Oil Is Actually Good for Black Hair

The same concept exists here. Black hair, especially if a woman is all natural, gets dried out very easily, and it’s a part of the reason why using daily serums or oiling their scalps is a part of many Black women’s daily hair routine.

shrinking black hair

3. Black Hair Can ‘Shrink’

Shrinkage is something that perplexes many white people. When a Black woman is sporting her natural hair, the tight curls or coils often make her hair appear much shorter than it really is. What was once a short Afro transforms into long tresses once it is straightened. In some cases, kinky hair that is above the shoulder when naturally styled can cascade all the way down a Black woman’s back when straightened.

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4. Not Every Black Woman You See With Long Hair Has Extensions

Contrary to what The Real Housewives and Love and Hip Hop might suggest, not every Black woman with long healthy hair has in expensive extensions. While it can be difficult to tell when a girl’s hair is really hers or if she’s receiving a little assistance, it is far from OK to assume every Black woman with long thick hair had to pay for it.



5. Black Hair Comes in a Great Variety of Textures

Some Black women are rocking beautiful Afros, while others are flaunting loose curls. Both textures, along with many others, are possible for a Black woman to have. In fact, hair care experts have created a full range of curl patterns that reveal just how diverse Black hair textures really are. A Black woman’s hair could land anywhere on this scale from straight to wavy to curly to kinky.

natural hair

6. A Black Woman’s Natural Hair Is Not Unprofessional or Unkempt

This is perhaps one of the most offensive assumptions white people seem to make about a Black woman’s hair. Natural hair can be big and bold and it can certainly stand out in a crowd. It’s absolutely beautiful and should never be slammed as unprofessional, although it often is. Many women have opened up about how their employers ordered them to straighten their hair or pull it back into a ponytail or bun. Meanwhile, even young school-aged girls have dealt with administrators calling their natural tresses “distracting” and even ruled one young Black girl’s natural hair as a violation of the dress code.


7. Black Women Aren’t Trying to Make a Rebellious Statement by Wearing Their Natural Hair

When you see a Black woman sporting big natural hair, don’t assume it’s because she’s trying to send some rebellious message to the world around her. Many times, the thought process to embrace natural hair doesn’t go much deeper than “I love my hair. Why change it?” That’s it. It’s not a secret symbol to help Black radicals locate each other in case of emergencies.


8. Styling a Black Woman’s Hair Usually Takes A Lot of Time and A Lot of Effort, Natural or Not

When you see a Black woman running frantically to get out of the rain or absolutely refusing to take a dip in the swimming pool, do not assume she is being vain or narcissistic. Styling a Black woman’s hair, natural or not, often takes a lot of time and a lot of effort and a lot of money. Even if a Black woman doesn’t go to the salon, you’d be amazed at how much money they have to spend on hair care products out of pure necessity. Taking care of Black hair isn’t an easy task so don’t feel offended or confused by how protective Black women can be when it comes to fighting off the frizz.


9. There Are Many Reasons Black Women Don’t Change Hairstyles as Often as White Women Do

White women have no problem making major hairstyle changes. From dramatic hair cuts to constantly switching up colors, major hairstyle changes aren’t too much of a big deal for European hair. For Black hair, the story isn’t always the same. If a Black woman decides to cut her hair, she has to understand that this decision could stick with her for years as opposed to a few months. Some types of Black hair do not grow back quite as quickly as many white people’s hair. When it comes to permanent dye, Black hair is much more susceptible to serious damage and being overprocessed from too many major color changes. For those reasons, you may not see Black women switch up their hairstyles too often unless they are experimenting with extensions.


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