9 Awesome Gadgets To Have In 2015

Without a doubt, there have been a number of fantastic gadgets in 2015 and there is something for pretty much everyone. Below is a list of the top ten gadgets that everyone should have. They include ones that can be a literal life-saver as well as ones that take convenience to a whole new level. Some include durable speakers, unique cases and keyboards that raise the bar on convenience.

9. Livescribe Echo Smartpen

Livescribe -

This pen not only records audio, it also records whatever the user writes and even draws. This translates to almost two hours of full audio, or 32,000 pages of written text. When used with a Livescribe notebook, a college and high school student can easily compile notes without the distraction of a laptop or tablet. This is perfect for the classrooms that don’t allow the use of electronics. Best of all, it allows the user to quickly transfer their notes to a computer or laptop.

8.Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard

The Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard is a great option for those who own many different devices and want to use a keyboard over the ones that come with the device. It works on tablets, PCs and even smartphones. It offers four different settings for each device, so changing from one to the other is as easy as turning a knob. It even has a cradle to hold a tablet at the perfect angle, so typing is much easier and faster.

7.iLuv SyrenPro

Syrenpro - ilounge

This isn’t your ordinary speaker. It is weather resistant and has a powerful Sound Engine that works in a full 360 degrees. This allows it to be used outdoors, next to pools and other activities that are too risky to use with other speakers. It offers Bluetooth support and works with iPhones, iPads and many other devices. With its top-mounted controls and wireless capabilities, it can be operated remotely.

6.Cobra JumPak

Cobra JumPack - slashgear

This device is one that can be used for both convenience and emergencies. It can not only charge phones, it can also do the same for most cars. It contains a built-in LED flashlight and a 7500mAh battery, as well as a USB port for charging phones. Best of all, it can be stored inside a backpack, so it is perfect for emergency situations and can even be stored in car console or dashboard.

5.Mobile Space Pack

Mobile Space Pack - blessthisstuff


For owners of the iPhone 5, this case goes above and beyond in terms of simply protecting the device, as it offers many features that other cases simply don’t have. While it does offer protection against dropping, it also doubles as an external battery and contains 32 GB of memory. It even offers a status monitor and includes a micro USB cable. Best of all, it can still be used regularly, so it can be docked into a station and charged.

4.Delorme inReach Explorer

Delorme inReach Explorer - squarespace

This next device is perfect for outdoorsmen or those that live in remote areas. When paired with a mobile phone, it allows a user to connect to a network, no matter where they are. This is great not only for sending text to relatives, but also in an emergency situation. It functions as a GPS as well, which can track waypoints and routes and if the user finds themselves lost or injured, the device also contains a built-in SOS that connects with a rescue monitoring center.

3.Finsix Dart

Finsix Dart - engadget

Though not released yet, this device does bear mentioning. Anyone who owns a laptop can attest to the fact that the ‘brick’ of an AC converter can be quite annoying. Since laptops need more power, it has been a necessity, but with the Dart Finsix, one can ditch the brick. This leads to a better experience for the consumer and makes for a better storage option when compared to the default brick of an AC power cord.

2Bluesmart Carry-on

Bluesmart Carry-on - indiegogo

For those who travel a lot, this carry-on suitcase offers many features. It can charge most devices and contains a built-in scale, so the user can quickly ensure they are within the required weight limit. It also has an electronic lock and can be tracked with its location tracking software. This makes it the ideal carry-on, as it can easily be tracked and is secure. With its sleek look and built-in LED, this suitcase allows one to travel in style.

1.TC Re Vive

HTC Re Vive - gdgtarena

The HTC Re Vive is the first step into virtual reality, though it hasn’t been released yet. It isn’t just limited to video games, even though it does offer a Portal mini-game that is unique to the device itself. This virtual reality device can mimic even common-place settings, such as the kitchen or office. The HTC Re Vive is the first step toward a true virtual reality experience.



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