9 African Celebrities Who Are Rumored To Be G@y/Lesbi@n


All sorts of rumors emanate about celebrities. Some celebrities do enough to dispel rumors while others leave the media to speculate.

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In this case, some of the listed celebrities have come out to debunk rumors about their s*xuality while others are a bit laid back about it.


Judith Nyambura Mwangi, better known by her stage name Avril, is a Kenyan actress, songwriter, singer, and entertainer. A lot of music lovers in Kenya suspected her to be a lezbian based on the fact that she normally promotes homos3xuality through her songs.

Rumors about her being a lezbian became a reality when intimate photos of her and her lezbian lover leaked online.


2. IK Ogbonna

Ik Ogbonna has been called a gay on so many occasions by different people but he has denied it severally. Ogbonna refuted the gay rumors linked to his name when he was the guest at the Pulse TV studio.

The talented actor who is now dating a Colombian girl said the rumors were totally ridiculous and also stated that he likes beautiful women with curves.

3. Yvonne Nelson
One of the popular rumors that made the headlines of top media houses a couple of years back were about the s3xual orientation of the beautiful Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson.

There were so many speculations in Ghana and Nigeria that Yvonne was a lezbian or let us say a bi-s3xual. Yvonne did not make any comments about her s3xual orientation until her interview with Vanguard.

When asked by one of Vanguard’s representatives about her s3xual orientation, she looked straight in the eye of the reporter and said: ”look at me….what do you think? Of course, I am not a lezbian”.

Yvonne Nelson

4. Flavour

As for Flavour, I think he started it himself, posting semi n*de photos on Instagram. In case you have not noticed, What some of these gay men in Nigeria and other parts of the world do to attract people is to show their flat

chest and also flaunt whatever they have to show to the world that they are gay and somehow, Flavour fell for that trap. Flavour was once rumored to be Peter Okoye’s Gay partner when both of them were seen hanging out together.



Those of you have been following the Ghanaian showbiz for a while now, this should not come as a surprise to you. This artist took out his manhood on TV3 when he was being interviewed by Delay.

Wanluv also made so many comments about being a gay and he also posted nakked pictures of himself and his gay partner. Even Mensa confirmed his involvement in the gay community.



Others would say people have started hating Efya because she is successful in her career. Have they forgotten that she used to date Edem? Well, some say she a lesbian as well.

Efya is a very talented woman and there is no doubt about that, however, she has been linked to many bad things like alcoholism, cocaine, drugs, and also Lezbianism. She has come to deny most of them but admitted to smoking cigarettes.


7. D’Banj

I know most of you would find it very difficult to believe but the fact is that D’Banj has been rumored on so many occasion to be gay. Apart from the rumors of him being gay,

he has also been rumored to be a member of one of the most powerful secret societies in the world, Illuminati. So is D’Banj actually gay or is it that some people somewhere are trying to paint him black?



The rumored lezbian relationship between the Nigerian screen goddess, Genevieve, and Beninoise musician and actress, Ella Martins, gained a very strong media publicity.

The news about the story was broken by an Internet magazine which identity I am not going to reveal due to one or two reasons.

Both Genevieve and Ella denied any involvement in such act, and not long ago, Ella disclosed to Vanguard that the rumor actually had a negative effect on her career.


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