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84-Year-Old Oklahoma Black Woman Will Take Legal Action After Being ‘Pepper Sprayed’ By Police

An 84-year-old Muskogee, Oklahoma woman was pepper sprayed and wrongfully arrested by police on Aug. 7.

According to FOX 23, homeowner Geneva Smith walked out of her room after officers entered her home without a warrant.

FOX 23 reports that Smith’s son ran a stop sign and drove to her home.

Last Friday, the Muskogee Police Department released cam footage showing the incident, per the news outlet’s request.

In the footage, officers kick in her door — without a warrant for her son’s arrest.

The squad of arresting officers tase a man in a red shirt.


Then, Muskogee police continue through the house until Smith eventually confronts them.

Within 40 seconds after giving a warning, a female officer tases Smith in the face.

The 84-year-old woman collapses to the floor and is then placed in handcuffs. In jail, Smith had a panic attack, which prompted her release.

Now, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People will provide legal counsel.


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