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80-Year-Old Grandmother From Houston Earns College Degree

Mrs. Beatrice Lillie, an 80-year old grandmother, has graduated college with an Associate’s degree in business management from Houston Community College’s Business Center of Excellence. She has truly proven that it’s never too late to achieve one’s dream!


“I would not have believed it, I don’t think, although we can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us,” Lillie told KHOU 11.
Lillie successfully finished her degree after four years of hardwork and determination. She’s also grateful for her younger classmates that kept encouraging her and she inspired them too in return. She remembered them telling her, “I know I can do it, if you can do it.”

She said college has showed her a new perspective about arts and it taught her how to use technology. But before actually getting her first ever college degree in business, she already had a lot of business experiences. She was an owner of her own answering service even before voicemails and cellphones were used. She also served as a secretary in the Harris County Probation Department.

Lillie, who has now been volunteering at the Northeastern Houston Multi-Service Center, decided to go back to school despite her age after Pastor Maceo Dillard Jr. motivated her.

“I said ‘Go for it. You can’t win if you never try,’” said Dillard, who works with the seniors at the center. “It’’ important for people to keep going and engaging their minds, instead of just sitting back.”

Aside from that, Lillie particularly wanted to set an example to her children and grandchildren.

“If Grandma can do it, [they] can do it.”


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