8 things that happen when your friends start getting married


As you get older the longing for companionship becomes more intense, which is why people rush into marriages and rush out.

You feel lonelier when your friends begin to find someone to share the rest of their lives with one after the other. Your views on relationships, companionship and marriage starts to change.


You are also bound to catch the ‘marriage fever’ when you continue to partake in these weddings.

Inspired by Huffington Post, here are some things that are bound to happen your friends start to marry one after the other:

1. You begin to feel and think you’re getting old.

2. You feel truly happy for your friends.


3. You feel closer to the couple

4. You become more emotional than you used to be.

5. You realise white dresses are not the same

6. You start spending money on wedding clothes more than ever

7. You keep asking your single friends when they’ll get married

8. You are likely to lower your expectations of finding a partner, a proposal, an engagement ring and the wedding of your dreams.


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  1. Marriage means many things to many different people and although I don’t believe in rushing anything I also don’t believe fornication is the answer why because of the unwanted things that can come along with it (pregnancy usary rejection abandonment 2 name a few) but it’s also good to know that I am not alone 1 Corinthians 7:1-2 (b.cuz of sexual immorality). It would be nice if more men could be devoted W/out commitment but it’s far more baby momma’s that have been abandoned rather than wives and their comes a point where their right stop playing the hoe and do it right or don’t do it at all but if you gotta hard head don’t come crying the victim blues when you having your behind softened. Everyone would want a partner at some point I would imagine & if they ain’t into playing games with their self they know full well it will become intimate so yes why not consider marriage up front b.cuz kissing a man hugging a man and squeezing a man for years straight come on without full blown intercourse is just a game that most matured adults are past commit or my legs stay closed !

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