8 Simple Tips To Sleep Well And Get Up In shape

People who find themselves in the morning with a sore body because they have had a bad night usually have a difficult day. So, the quality of your day depends on your alarm that depends on your night. Here are 8 tips to sleep well and wake up in great shape.


Prepare the day before

This supposes that you establish a To Do list. It is a document on which you will have to note all the tasks if not the most important of the day to come. Then, to prepare the day before includes to prepare the dress, the shoes, the accessories etc.


Drink a glass of water before bed

A glass of water before sleeping helps restore the balance of liquids in your body. This will therefore give you fishing as it is said in the morning.



Sleep earlier

When you sleep much earlier, you are comfortable to wake up early. Simply because the body has had enough rest.


Adapt your alarm to your type of sleep

Whatever your type of sleep (deep or light) you should avoid the ringtones that will tend to wake you up with a start. For a light sleep, opt for a ringing quite soft and not too strong.


Drink water when you wake up

It’s pretty weird but drinking water helps to wake up. Simply because very often when we fall asleep, we dehydrate a little. Then, this dehydration causes fatigue and sleep. For your convenience, keep a glass of water covered near your bed to drink it when you wake up.

Avoid repeating the alarm

If you press the repeat button, you will have to wake up later to stop or reject the alarm tone. This will make you even more tired. In the end, you will see that you are as tired as when you go to bed.


Eat lightly

If you eat too much before you sleep, you will find that when you wake up you will be much more tired. In fact, when you sleep, your body slows down, but when you eat too much the body is forced to work twice as much.


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