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8 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom

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Many desire to be financially free and responsible, but find it difficult to turn the yearn into reality.

Not constantly buying things on credit and also investing could help one achieve his/her saving goals.

Here are some tips on becoming a prudent spender.

1. Begin To Think Positively About Money

Part of becoming rich involves thinking positively about money.

Thinking negatively about money is an emotional obstacle that you must eliminate in order to achieve financial freedom. You must eliminate the thoughts that having more money leads to evil or that money can’t buy you happiness.

When you begin thinking positively about money, you will attract opportunities and open up more doors than you ever thought possible.

2. Are you accounting for your income properly?

It is essential to account for your income because it does not only helps but also gives you a general idea of what you are spending your money on.


Although banks show you what you spend your money on which is great, but sometimes you want to know the particular item you spend your money on.

It is advisable to do an excel spreadsheet on your expenses weekly or monthly, to help you know how to cut down unnecessary cost.

3. Research and plan ahead

Moving, planning a trip? It is important to have an idea how much things cost beforehand.

For example, if you are planning a wedding in September, it will be helpful to have an idea of how much it will cost by June so you can plan accordingly.

4. Budget

This goes hand in hand with planning ahead. It is very important to prioritise the necessities first, before the luxuries.

5. Setting monthly goals

Apart from serving as a source of motivation, proper goal setting can help break larger, intimidating aspirations into smaller, more achievable stepping stones.

You should try it!

6. Save, save, save!

Every opportunity you get, save. It is also important to save for rainy days, travelling, events and other unplanned expenses.

7. Be realistic

In as much as you might be desperate to save, you need to be realistic about it. The fact Mr A saves one million monthly doesn’t mean you can do the same. Your saving goals have to be feasible enough for you to achieve them. Find out what works for you!

8. Make your goals SMART







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