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8 Simple Remedies That Will Keep Insects Away From Your Home

In the office, at home and even on vacation, you are never immune to insects! These little animals, which multiply in summer, but are not less abundant in winter, are undesirable. To get rid of them, chemicals are used and abused, which are toxic not only for insects but also for people who use them and for the environment. Here’s how to get rid of insects naturally.


A source of discomfort, insects are certainly not welcome in households. As soon as they have access to a space, they settle in and multiply, making their elimination more difficult. That’s why it’s important to go ahead.

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Here are 8 tricks to keep insects away:

The essential oil of peppermint:

There is an odor that insects generally detest! The essential oil of peppermint is known for its strong odor, not tolerated by insects. It can therefore serve as a powerful natural repellent.

All you have to do is mix a few drops of peppermint essential oil with water. Put everything in a spray bottle and spray the various parts of your home.

The vinegar :

In the same way as the essential oil of peppermint, the vinegar can also remove insects thanks to its strong odor. This ingredient that has many virtues is used in several recipes and natural tricks, especially to repel insects.

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Simply prepare a mixture based on a measure of vinegar and two measures of water. Spray the corners of rooms with this natural repellent using a spray bottle.

Baking soda :

Baking soda is a powerful insecticide. It is therefore a natural product of choice to keep insects of all kinds, effectively and without pollution.

How to proceed ?

In a bowl, mix one teaspoon of baking soda and 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Fill a spray bottle with half a liter of water, then add the mixture. Shake well, and spray areas where insects tend to nest several times a day.


The essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary:

Essential oils, with many therapeutic and cosmetic benefits, are also known to keep insects away. But it is also necessary to know how to choose the right ones.
Indeed, while some act as natural repellents, others can attract insects like the essential oil of coriander.

To get rid of insects, use essential oils of lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus. You can use each one separately or make a mixture of the three, to double their effectiveness.

Add a few drops of these essential oils to a cup of water and spray the solution into the different rooms of your home.

Mint leaves:

If you do not have essential oil of mint peppery on hand, you can always opt for the fresh version of this plant. A few mint leaves placed strategically, will certainly prevent an invasion of insects.

The Cayenne pepper:

Used in different cuisines of the world, the Cayenne pepper is very prized for its strong and pungent taste and its capacity to raise dishes. But this spice is not known only for its culinary qualities. Indeed, the Cayenne pepper has many therapeutic virtues and can also serve as an insecticide.

It can be used as is by sprinkling it in the corners of the pieces or by mixing it with other ingredients, such as garlic, to increase are effective.

The beads of silica gels:

Do not throw away the small bags you find in the new bags! In fact, the latter are filled with beads of silica gels, which can be used as insecticides.

Silica gel is a dehydrating substance. Its effectiveness against insects resides in the fact that it absorbs the wax molecules that preserve the body of the insect, causing an interruption in the protective envelope and consequently causes dehydration.
Place the silica balls in the spaces invaded by the insects to get rid of them.

The citrus fruits:

Citrus fruits are especially effective in hunting spiders. You can either use citrus essential oils like lemon or rub orange or lemon peels in places where spiders hide like windows or shelves.



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