8 Must-Have Soft Skills Fresh Graduates Need To Get A Job

Getting a job these days requires much more than just having a high grade or compiling all kinds of certificates. You may have all those and still not be able to land a good job. The reason is simple; there are some soft skills that are needed to function effectively in an industry setting and employers look out for such soft skills in their prospective employees. Let’s consider 8 soft skills you should possess if you’re seeking to land a great job.

1. Excellent communication skills

This is perhaps the most important soft skill that would be needed in the industry. Effective communication can bring tremendous success in an organization and the lack of it brings just the opposite. Both oral and written communication skills are very important. Communication skills include listening, speaking and writing skills and sometimes the ability to communicate in other languages. It also includes the ability to explain technical concepts in ways customers and partners can easily understand.

2. IT Skills

The ability to work around tech gadgets and apps is quite essential to getting employed. Work life is going digital and quite a number of people will miss out of some opportunities if they are not tech savvies. Therefore you need to get familiar with current technological trends, especially the ones that have to do with your industry.

3. Interpersonal Skills

The old saying, “No man makes an island” is apt for this point. You will need to work with other employees. Your ability to relate adequately in a friendly, cordial and interesting manner is a necessity. Working in teams effectively is very important to get ahead. And the more you grow in your career, the more this skill becomes really critical. So if you have experiences in the past that shows how you worked in/or led a team, remember to include it in you CV.

4. Adaptability

Times and seasons may sometimes make the demands of the working environment to increase. Employers need employees that can adapt to changes. Work under stringent conditions and with little or no supervision. The change in the work place could be technical or systemic. You need to be able to adjust accordingly. And if at any point you have had to adapt to changes in the past, give a hint about it in your resume.

5. Strong Work Ethics

This is different from loving work too much and not knowing when to take a break. But it has to do with doing what has to be done, when it should be done – meeting targets. Not procrastinating, not being lethargic or lazy. Show your prospective employee how you have in the past worked and met targets on time.

6. Problem-solving Skills

It will amaze you that not everyone has the ability to critically analyse situations and proffer solutions to problems. If you have the skill to do so, it is an added advantage for you. Mention situations in the past where you proffered workable solutions to situations that hitherto proved difficult.

7. Project Management Skills

Everyone manages one form of project or the other every day, but not everyone knows the importance of developing the process of project-managing into a skill. Have you mastered the art and skill of project management or probably attended some form of training in the regard, then point it out to your would-be employer and give examples of some projects you have successfully managed before.

8. Emotional Intelligence Skills

Sure this is not usually a requirement for getting jobs that may be explicitly spelt out in the job ad. But you can show it in how you relate with people and how you respond to situations. You can even display how well you can manage your emotions when you attend an interview and one or two members of the panel are getting on your nerves. Such attitude from them sometimes may be deliberate. So watch it and keep your head cool.

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