8 Highest Paid World Leaders

CNN Money recently rolled out a list containing salaries (per annum) of prime ministers and presidents of the big developed and emerging economies to the most recent official data and converted into U.S. dollars at the current rate.

8. Vladimir Putin of Russia – $136,000

In the face of his country’s worst economic crisis in years, Putin took a 10% salary this month. He now earns roughly 8.2 million rubles per year ($136,000) as Russian president.

7. Francois Hollande of France – $194,300

The French president would have ranked much higher on this list, had he not taken a 30% pay cut the moment he took office in 2012.

Without the haircut, Hollande would have earned 255,600 euros a year ($274,522), second only to Obama. Now he makes $194,251.

6. Shinzo Abe from Japan – $202,700


5. David Cameron of The United Kingdom – $214,800

The British prime minister earns £142,500 ($214,782) a year. That includes his salary as a member of parliament, which is £67,060.

4. Jacob Zuma in South Africa$223,500

3. Angela Merkel of Germany – $234,400

Merkel’s salary as German chancellor is set at 216,000 euros a year ($234,383). The chancellor and her ministers got a 2.2% pay rise at the beginning of March, according to government documents.

2. Stephen Harper of Canada – $260,000

1. Barack Obama of The United States – $400,000

President Obama leads the pack with $400,000 a year. The presidential salary doubled when George W. Bush became president in 2001.

In addition, Obama gets a tax-free expense account worth $50,000.


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