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8 Beauty Products From Africa That The World Has Adopted!!


The cosmetics industry in the world is reaping millions and making people happy. Research in this area has resulted in the use of several products from Africa. Which products have proven their virtues. We list eight of them.

1. Shea

It is a very famous product. Indeed, its butter, which is prepared with nuts derived from the tree, is useful not only for the care of the face, for the hair but also for the body.

2.Argan oil

Morocco is the only country where we see the real argan tree (tree in Argan in other words). It is for this reason that this oil is so expensive. For its hydrating properties, argan is an excellent ally against the aging of the skin.

3.The aloé vera

This plant is very popular in both the sanitary and cosmetic fields. In health, aloe vera is ideal for wound healing and for the treatment of several ailments.

4.The Moringa

This plant is known for its hydration of dry skin and those that are irritated. In the world of perfumery, moringa is used as a stabilizer.

5. Henna

Henna is used to make hues on hands, feet and so on. In other countries, it helps to color and hydrate the hair. Several essential oils are also made from henna.
6.The cocoa

Cocoa is used for creams, lotions and soaps. Moreover, the seeds allow to fight against stretch marks and cellulite.

7.The sesame oil

This oil is particularly effective for fighting dryness and irritations of the skin, such as eczema, psoriasis or desquamation.

8.The black cumin

In ancient Egypt, the population used black cumin to fight against several diseases. Today, several sunscreens still bring this product into its composition.

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