8 African Customs That Few People Know

Above all, be aware that the custom is not ethnic but territorial. This means that from one country to another we do not have the same traditions.

In South Africa, we favor the “flying flea market” at New Year

In the Hillbrow district of Johannesburg, residents celebrate New Year’s Eve by throwing their old fridges window and appliances.


In Kenya, it uses its saliva on the day of birth

When a new baby comes into the world Maasai, no adult by its religion can not touch. The adult can not accommodate the baby in salivating over him.


In Sudan, the brushes and eggs are customary at a wedding

During the wedding ceremony called “endogenous nincak” family will burn seven brooms. The two married must be placed facing the front door of their house and a bridesmaid just then breaking eggs on the feet of the groom. The woman must then wash their husbands’ feet. Afterwards, the bride will jump on top of a block of wood proving its submission.


In Kenya, the Maasai women make jewelry

From mother to daughter, the women of the tribe of Maasai are transmitted the art of creating beaded necklaces. These ornaments will be used for Maasai girls who will declare their love to a warrior of the tribe around a glass of milk.



In Madagascar, the twins are under a curse

In Mananjary, the ethnic Antambahoaka is known for the “taboo twins.” It is a curse that dates back to the first Antambahoaka. When he arrived at the mouth of Sakaleona River, north of Mananjary, this man would have chosen a wife. She fell pregnant with twins and was killed. But tragedy also struck his second and his third wife. He decided that his descendants would never rise by twins. Since July 5, 1982, only the small hamlet of Fanivelona lifted this taboo.


In Ethiopia, Mursi women are beautiful in an original way

The women of the tribe express their richness and beauty with their ears or lips. Girls make clay plate and then settle in their lower lip or in their earlobes. More and more they grow trays are great.


In South Sudan, a marriage must conclude with two newborns

The Nuer tribe believes that marriage is not complete until the woman has not given birth to two children. If both children are not born, groom can seek divorce.


In New Guinea, a father is spitting at the sight of her baby

Baruyas in Papua, a father should not see the face of her child before the breakthrough of his first tooth. Otherwise, he will spit on the ground. The tribe, the reason is simple: a child is defiled by birth and by women.


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