$79.2 Million Owed Royalties Finally Paid To Super Soaker Inventor ‘Lonnie Johnson’

Reports say that Lonnie Johnson is quite the brilliant inventor. Johnson reportedly holds over 100 pending patents.

However, Johnson became a public figure when he and his legal team decided to take on the huge Hasbro toy company for unpaid royalties from one of Johnson’s most famous creations.


Reports say that Lonnie Johnson is the inventor of one of the most popular toys America and the world has ever seen — the infamous watergun called the “super soaker.”

Johnson is the founder of the Johnson Research and Development Company. Johnson has created everything from the Nerf Gun to a thermal electric energy converter when he worked for NASA. He even worked on the U.S. Stealth bomber program when he work for the military. However, it was the super soaker that put his name on the map.


Reports say that according to court filings filed against the popular toy manufacturer, Hasbro under paid royalties for The Nerf line from 2007 to 2012. After tons of back-and-forth with the courts in arduous litigation, reports now say that Lonnie Johnson has finally been awarded his $72.9 million in back royalties.

Now that justice has been served, people everywhere can go back to enjoying their water fights in ease and fun. Reports say that Johnson and his litigation team are quite pleased with the outcome of the case.





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