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7 Years After His Fall, Here is the ‘Lamentable Destiny’ of Muammar Gaddafi’s Children

Seven years after the fall and death of the great Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, his children flounder in semolina. One can even nickname this episode of their life, the tragedy of the Gaddafi family. Prison, court, exile, mass grave. Life was not particularly lenient with the ten Gaddafi children (eight biological children and two adoptive children), since the lynching of their father in September 2011 by a delirious crowd. Three of them were killed, while others were on the run. Still others are rotting in the prisons of Tripoli until the Libyan judiciary can decide on their fate, which is the case of Saadi Gaddafi. On the occasion of the reopening of the trial of this last Sunday October 6, return on the clashes and misfortunes of the clan Gaddafi.


Raised in the opulence of the petrodollars, the Gaddafi siblings often defied the chronicle when their father, the “Guide” of the “Libyan, Arab and Popular” Jamahiriya, reigned undisputed master in Tripoli. They were called Mohamed, Saif al-Islam, Saadi, Mouatassim, Hannibal, Saif Al-Arab, Khamis and Milad. Aisha was the only daughter of the Rais, apparently the apple of the eyes of a father as loving as extravagant.


To be fair, the Gaddafi children had for the most part done good studies or even advanced studies, which at the London School of Economics (Saif al-Islam), who at the Paris-Dauphine University (Aïcha) or in a Engineering school in Germany (Seif Al-Arab). They have not all gone to the chronicle, either. In reality, besides a trio of agitated brothers and high-rollers (Saadi, Mouatassim and Hannibal), the others led discrete lives, sheltered from the gaze of the curious and the paparazzi. But in the summer of 2011, when the regime collapsed, leading to the fierce death of its founder in the hands of angry militiamen on October 20, the lightning of History with a large “H” did not Spared the lives of children. They have been scattered in the four corners of the Middle East and Africa.

Discover their lives in these few lines, a real chaos.

After his first marriage, the eldest son of the former Libyan leader, Mohamed Gaddafi, has never been involved in politics. He is the only one of all the children to have escaped the prison. He was nevertheless forced to go into exile with his family, even though no charges were placed against him.

“It is a totally torn family, the changes in Libya have marked in a very strong way the bloody fate of the family Gaddafi. Two of his sons are prisoners in Libya, the fate of Saif al-Islam in Zintane is better than that of his brother imprisoned in Tripoli, which was delivered by Niger against 200 million dollars.

Remains Hannibal, the last son of Gaddafi who went to see his wife in Damascus and who is imprisoned since then in Lebanon. There is also Aisha, daughter of Gaddafi, who was very active during this conflict. She was welcomed by Algeria, but after two controversial interventions on two Arab chains, she was forced to leave the country and is now in the Sultanate of Oman.

It’s a tragedy for the whole family, “says Kamel Meraache, a Libyan journalist

Aisha al-Gaddafi, the daughter of the Libyan guide who is nicknamed by the press “the Claudia Schiffer of the desert”, considers that the current power in Libya is illegitimate. She asked the UN to open an investigation into her father’s death. Especially since the Gaddafi clan does not separate its destiny from that of Libya.



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