7 Ways To Make Sure Your Food Stays Fresher For Longer

Did you know that an estimated 30-50% of food grown or produced on our planet is never eaten? In the UK alone, 18 million tonnes of food is wasted each year, while in the U.S. 30% of their food – worth approximately $48.3 billion – goes uneaten. In fact, the US and the majority of European countries have twice as much food as they need to satisfy their population’s nutritional needs. Just 1/4 of this food could nourish hungry countries and prevent starvation.


When we let food to uneaten, we are also wasting energy, labour, money and numerous other resources that could be going to much better uses. So, how can we as individuals cut down the amount of food waste? All it takes is small steps! This infographic from Pounds To Pocket gives some fantastic tips on how to keep all sorts of foods fresher for longer, so you can of you bit for the planet and eat well!



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