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7 Ways To Increase Sustainable Sources Of Income

Everyone wants to multiply their sources of income and must do everything possible to make it happen. Robert Kiyozaki goes there unreservedly when he theorizes about a person’s ability to become rich and achieve financial independence. If you are just an employee or self-employed, you can not get rich. There are only two sources of sustainable wealth: creating a large profitable business and investing in profitable business. The fact that any employee can invest in profitable business, failing to create his own business, leaves openings to exploit for smart business executives who want to multiply their revenue pipelines. Moreover, Jim Rohn recalls that the best way to become rich is to have another source of income, in addition to salary. You will devote part time to it with so much application that it will eventually bring you more money than your salaried employment, to the point where you can leave it without fear. The following 7 sources of financial entries are among those you can easily exploit, while maintaining your job, eventually leaving it.

1-Revenue from real estate investments and shares

Because the rich are living on their investment income, smart business executives are smart enough to know how to get a percentage of their wages early to invest in real estate: acquisition of land, Once they retire, they will recognize that the best thing they did with their many cash receipts was to have bought plots of land and built buildings for rent. These executives also know how to use a large part of their mission expenses to buy stocks and bonds from stock brokerage firms with training. The most astute ones are associated with competent entrepreneurs to take shares or shares in their companies and ensure generous dividends at the end of the year, after all the patience that this requires. Example on the stock exchange: (

For real estate: “Do you know that if your salary (450,000 CFA francs / month) and your age (max. 46 years if you retire at age 60) allow you, you will only spend 3,200,000 francs Initial contribution and notary fees) to be the owner of a nice 3-room bungalow at the entrance of Bingerville (Cost: 20 million)? Of course, you have to be a civil servant or work in a company that has ” , And above all subscribe to a serious real estate transaction for that. (Aissata Kone’s secrets)

2-Fees for consultations and seminar facilitation

Smart employees who have developed specific competencies sought by consulting, auditing and training firms do not hesitate to get closer to them as consultants when it comes to tenders. The strategy they use most is to make publications, accept interventions as experts on television or radio to sell their capacity to serve as consultants for training and other advisory support missions . In general, they do not perform missions

Technical support, such as the drafting of terms of reference, drafting of bids, assistance to operational staff, coordination of missions and drafting of reports. They are thus able to obtain fees which sometimes exceed their regular wages. Others lead courses or courses in polytechnic or management colleges. They are also good methods for multiplying their sources of income.

3-Commission on connections and business contributions


Smart business executives who are on the lookout for opportunities to substantially improve their monthly earnings know how to cheerfully serve to get paid. You certainly know that it is here that many fall into the facility by demanding retro-commissions; But that is not what these frameworks do. They know that corruption is the most erosive method of enrichment. They therefore prefer to make connections and are charged fees or commissions. And those with a strong commercial drive are offering products and services from other companies to individuals and businesses as business contributors, receiving graceful commissions, almost without effort.

4-Residual income from network marketing

Many people continue to have reservations about the effectiveness of multilevel marketing systems. However, many corporate executives (most of whom have left their jobs) have managed to achieve financial independence because of the lack of time and money they have had the courage to invest In the development of their network. Remember that network marketing can quickly become a juicy business for you, but as with any source of revenue generation, you must have the courage to learn, work and work again, all the time it takes to Be heavily enhanced.

5- Copyright of Books, Inventions and Pieces of Articles

Yes, of course you can write books that will bring you money: novels, technical books and management practices and personal and professional development … Your practical experiences and effective strategies that you knew how to use to be where you Are gold mines. You can exploit them by writing practical books that will be used by a large number of people to achieve specific results in specific areas of interest. Do not forget that JK Rowling, author of the Harry Porter Saga, sold more than a billion copies, was an unemployed teacher who had trouble feeding her little boy. She had the idea of ​​writing short stories about a little wizard, stories she told him,

You can write practical articles for magazines, sites or blogs … You do not need to have any special writer’s gifts for this purpose … It can be learned in a few 20 hours of course on the Internet.

6- Make money with Facebook

Facebook not only allows you to post photos with your loved ones and waste time. You can also earn money.

On Facebook, you can offer services or even digital or physical products to round off your tough end-of-month.

The first solution you have to do this is to integrate Facebook groups that accept you posting everything you desire. Then you just have to promote the services or products you want to sell and if you find customers, you will earn some cash.

There are several techniques to make money with Facebook. These include installing conversion pixels, creating your own page, buying and selling Facebook advertising, and so on.


This is a great way to earn money when you travel. It is true that it is not easy to import goods or export them but with good market research, you will manage to lower costs and make your trip more profitable.

This is the time to stop the routine of a job 9 am-5pm, followed by the taxi and the dodo. You can give a new direction to your career as many people, who have cleverly enriched themselves through the sources of income listed above. So choose what suits you best and do not forget that you have to be strategic when it comes to multiplying your sources of income.

“A young person who has traveled a lot is older than an old man who has always stayed in the village.” – Fang


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