7 ways to avoid Food Poisoning

When you are in doubt of the source or good preparation of a meal, you should try to seek more information and in most cases prepare food yourself to clear any doubts you might have.

Alfred Ihenkuronye Professor of Food Science and Technology, has said that more than 200,000 persons die of food poison in Nigeria annually. The sad thing is that, many would not even know it is food poisoning. They just look at the symptoms and try to treat that alone.

Also reported by the managing consultant at First HACCP System, Mrs. Zainab Akanji reported that 99% of Nigerians eat outside (eateries, restaurants, parties) and adverse effects are under reported.

Finding out exactly how hygienic a meal was prepared is almost impossible to know, especially when you are not the one who prepared the meal. But there some sign you should take note about to avoid being food poisoned.

  • Consume salad within 15 minutes of purchase

  • Make sure of the hygiene level as it affects the food

  • Insist on micro waving/heating your food

  • Avoid foods displayed inside show glasses with bulb

  • Plates, Spoons, Food Containers and other utensils

  • Ensure that your own hygiene level is good too

  • Read the labels on the food container

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