7 Ways Mothers And Daughters Can Strengthen Their Bond

As young women grow older, they start to do things independently . The busy ones rarely have time for their family, especially their mothers.

Mother hugging daughterMother hugging daughter

Phone calls and text messages matters but physical contact strengthens relationships more. Physical activities between daughters and mothers strengthens relationships and increases intimacy.

Inspired by Times of India, here are a few ways to improve that mother-daughter bond.

1. Spend time in the kitchen cooking: Apart from making a wonderful meal, mothers and daughters can discuss just about anything in between this activity. Also, mothers can pass down that secret recipe down to her daughter.

Mother and daughterMother and daughter

2. Watch movies together: A few classic movies, a bowl of snack would make watching movies with your mom more fun than you can imagine.

3. Visit the spa: Give yourself and your mom a treat by spending a day at the spa. Trust, she won’t forget how wonderful her daughter can be.

Mother and daughter nappingMother and daughter napping

4. Cleaning together: As a daughter, you don’t really get to spend a dime but you get to spend productive time with your mother. This will go a long way in making the bond with your mom stronger.

5. Go shopping together: Remember when you used to enjoy following your mom to the store when you were younger? It’ll be fun taking your mother out for shopping now you are older.

6. Reminiscing about the past: You can bring out dusty old albums and look at these photos with your mother. You are sure to hear a few new things about your mum that you never knew about.

Mother and daughterMother and daughter

7. Go on a vacation: If you can travel with your girlfriends, what’s stopping you from going on a trip with your mother? A weekend getaway or a road trip with your mum won’t be a bad thing.



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