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7 Ways a Business Mentor Helps You Succeed

The value of business mentors cannot be understated, even though some people don’t agree. Some times, it isn’t the best of game to play for someone venturing into a business/venture without having someone as a guide. A mentor offers valuable insight to things that only experience can teach. It gives you peace of mind knowing that someone, somewhere is knowledgeable about your enterprise or business. Here are ways mentors are important in business:

1. A Mentor Evaluates Your Ideas: The most important benefit of a Mentor-Mentee relationship is having the ability to use your mentor as a sounding board in evaluating your ideas and thoughts on major business decisions. Perspective is key in business and without it, you may find yourself wasting time on concepts that your mentor has already tried and failed or in some circumstances succeeded; either way you gain from talking ideas out before implementation.

2. You Gain Knowledge and Experience from a Mentor: Another great benefit of having a mentor is learning from your mentor’s knowledge and experience. Utilizing the time and experiences from your mentor is immeasurable as you don’t have to actually live out those experiences to gain the wisdom.


3. A Mentor Encourages You: When you are in low times, a mentor gives you the courage to move on. Courage is not limited to a Mentor alone, but it is more potent when it comes from someone who knows and understands your business inside out.

4. A Mentor Evaluates How Much Progress You’ve Made: A good mentor, who understands your business will be able to detect if you are on the right track, or if things are not going the way it should. A Mentor has the ability to reassure you that everything is going as it should be because (s)he has been there before.

5. A Mentor Helps Reduce Your Mistakes: A mentor will help you prevent mistakes that you otherwise would have made. This does not mean you won’t make mistakes in your enterprise, but a mentor (who has probably made those mistakes), will ensure you don’t make much of these mistakes with grave consequences.

6. A Mentor Helps Eliminate Your Weaknesses: A good mentor will help eliminate whatever weaknesses you may have. He will help prune whatever is holding you back in business. Your friends may tolerate your weaknesses, but your mentor will help you deal with them entirely.

7. Mentors help bring out your strengths: It takes some efforts from a good mentor to bring out the strengths from you. He gives you push, knocks where you may want to slack. Mentors are also valuable in bringing out the best in you, even when you think you are incapable.


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