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7 Types of Toxic Colleagues Crossing a Business

We all discover in business and often at our expense that this environment is ruthless. In this article, we share with you 7 types of toxic colleagues that we meet in a company. If you know of others, do not hesitate to mention them in comments.


There is a type of coworker who does the bare minimum of work and has a tendency to discharge on others. Without realizing it, you’re all here to do his work and he spends his time on Facebook and others.


The saboteur

It’s a big enemy. He can face you openly or veiled. However, in both cases, he is beating you down to be an incompetent person. This person has only one thing in mind: to degrade your work and your credibility. And when there is confrontation, it makes you look like the one who wants to put the sticks in the wheels.


The peddler

It is this colleague who approaches you all the time to ask you questions about your life. You think to find in her or him an attentive ear and you confide. What is the surprise of hearing the story you gave her in the midst of conversations with other colleagues.



The mouse

He is a devious and a manipulator in business. This kind of coworker is the one who helped you get started in society. He uses this factor to make you feel guilty and to keep you at his service. He asks you a lot but does nothing for you.


The fake boss

A real wound this colleague. The false boss is the one who gives you orders, who watches all your movements and presents himself to your superior as the one who should be your manager.


The hypocrite

He also thinks that he wants to help you, but in a very sly way, he credits himself with your work and does not fail to signify it to your superiors. He has no qualms about highlighting his achievements but also your failures to prove that he is better than you.


The malicious

It is this colleague or superior who tends to want to disassemble you in public, especially because, in fact, he wants not only to be seen but still, he would like you to lose your job to put his colt to your place.


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