7 Things That Africans No Longer Want

Africans want to get out of wars and famine. They want to stop pillaging their wealth. African youth is full of ideas and is fighting every day to improve the daily lives of thousands of Africans by creating their own businesses. Here are 7 things that Africans do not want anymore.

1- Wars

The blood of our people has sunk enough. For personal reasons, some heads of state create ethno-political wars to seize power. Africans want peace and refuse to lose their brothers or sisters.

2- Africans say NO unemployed.

There are many young graduates looking for work. Let the African youth undertake. You have the financial means to help them. Encourage them, train these young people in entrepreneurship. Stop plundering the riches of this continent.

3- More scholarships for African students.


African youth is talented. It needs scholarships from African governments to improve their skills

4- Heads of state who no longer want to leave power.

As soon as they come to power, they want to apply the dictatorship. They amass property and raise taxes.

5- The lack of sanitary infrastructure

In some areas, there is no health center, you have to walk for kilometers to receive care. It is important to bring medical centers closer to dwellings for the well-being of populations.

6- Shortages of water and electricity

In 2017, there are places where there is no drinking water. The current is almost non-existent. There are cuts and currents that last for weeks.

7- The monopoly of information

Some African governments want to prevent their citizens from getting information. They even cut access to the Internet or social networks to prevent their populations from knowing the truth about the management of their countries.


Written by How Africa

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