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7 Things Parents Should Not Do In The Presence Of Their Children

Psychologists agree that the family is the first link of socialization of the individual. Also, a large part of a person’s personality is formed before the age of seven. Childhood is therefore a very sensitive step to live with a lot of care. For parents that you surely are, here are 7 things to not do in front of your kids.

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  1. To argue in front of a child

When we fight, we tend to say nasty things that sometimes we do not think. This is the first reason why you should not argue in front of the child because you can insult your spouse and forget, but often children do not forget. So, they remember that it was said that Dad was irresponsible. Second, arguing in front of the child and sometimes in frequent ways, gives an image of instability to the child. Whereas once the image of one of the parents is distorted in the child, it automatically leads to an emotional imbalance in him. And the child could keep this negative image of his parent for life.


2. Exposing one’s nakedness

It is a principle of respect. Indeed, a child must not see the nakedness of his parents. Because unconsciously you breathe in him a thought of equality. Also, many parents found themselves in very embarrassing positions when their child revealed in public details about their anatomy.


3. Having intimate relationships

This concerns the practice that some parents have to sleep with their children and have intimate relationships during the night with the child in the room. It is a way of exposing your child early to sexuality. Also, something done before one’s time creates damage. Many people would tell you that they would have preferred to be exposed to sex much later.


4. Lack of respect to an authority figure

If you disrespect an authority figure in the presence of your child, he will simply do the same thing to you. Indeed, we give what we received. This is to teach your child not to respect this person, but also to not respect you when he will be in the same situation with you.


5. Exposing your financial problems

It is important that a parent does not expose his financial problems to a child. Everybody’s imagination is fertile. In moments of sadness, you can say “if I did not have all these expenses, I would be better”. The child can thus understand that it generates a lot of expenses and that if it were not there you would be better.

6. Exposing one’s wealth

On the other hand, one must avoid exposing one’s wealth to the child and deny him anything. This will create in him a thought that you have done everything so he no longer has to fight in life.


7. Defend your child when he is wrong

It’s a very bad thing to do. Indeed, you will make it clear to the child that everything is allowed. He will go from stupidity to stupidity until one day something very sad happens to him.

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