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7 Things Every Black Women And Other Women Want

1 The force

This is not a muscle of history. A study of Tamara Beauboeuf “UniversityTemple by Lafontant entitled,” The defining quality of definition of black womanhood is strength. In Behind the Mask of the Strong Black Woman “reference to the tireless women, deeply devoted, and seemingly invulnerable, demand strength provides us a fascinating story of perseverance The key figures in this story include leading social activists of both. centuries … (then) invoked and honored to embody a brave selfless commitment to the protection and empowerment of the dispossessed.

2. The capillary freedom

Other nationalities are fascinated by the natural hair black women. Many ask to touch or even touched without permission have the hair of a black woman. They can not understand and believe that the feeling on their fingers give them some explanation. “For sure, natural hair is fascinating for the” other “women, as they are highly diversified as to how they can be capped,” said Najah Aziz, owner of the River Likeliving in Atlanta. “On the door Afro in locks, twisted in braids and so on. And this versatility disoriented them.

3 ° luscious lips

There was a time, there was not so long ago when the fleshy lips of black women were depreciated by almost everyone. Many black women have even accepted this situation, which clouded their thoughts about their physical traits a most wonderful and natural. Now these concerns no longer exist. Women pay, in fact, injections to increase the size of their lips to get that black women naturally possess.

4. the darkest skin

Melanin black women does not require hours of sunlight to darken, and for those who choose to expose the risks of skin cancer and sunburn are much lower, according to doctors in due to the natural melanin. Historically, other women envied the beautiful complexion black women (and the fact that they do not have to sit in the sun or go to a tanning salon to get it.

5. Black men

Some say that there are not enough black men to black women. But this is partly because the other women covet too. It is, in any case, the impression it gives. For sure, mixed couples are in vogue, nothing to do with the past decades, where the mixed couples were almost taboo. The season of “Hunt Brothers” is open, and African women are not the only “hunt”.

6. Resistance

Women are not like that because they were not treated as in how African descent were the centuries.
Make drop the black woman and she probably will rebound, stronger and be ready to benefit in his life. This ability to survive in very difficult or complicated terms stems from his African heritage. Women slaves worked hard, raised children, survived the brutal treatment of the plantation owners. Resistance is in their blood. All

7. b*ttocks

Long considered too big, many women are now squats in gyms like madmen or make injections for a diaper that fills their jeans. Who could have imagined that?



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