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7 Reasons To Date A Black Woman!!    

There is nothing more beautiful or powerful than “black love.” If you have been out of the dating scene for a while and looking to find the perfect woman, here are a few reasons to set your eyes on the love of a black woman.


1. She will push you to be your best. Black women believe in “our” problem. You will never have to go to battle alone. She will stand behind you 100 percent.

2. Stimulating conversations. Black women know how to keep it real. If something does not sound right, a black woman will have you “repeat” the same conversation a few times. Just to make sure she heard you correctly and to make sure you honestly believe what came out your mouth.


3. She won’t be disrespected. Black women are highly protective of themselves and their loved ones. So, if you are dating a black woman, she got your back. No one will dare walk up and disrespect you, her, or anyone in her presence.

4. Black women love hard and strong. There is nothing like the love of a black woman. She will be your best friend and lover to the end.

5. She can do almost anything. Black women are very good at multi-tasking, very driven and passionate about their careers and having their own money. To date a black woman is to have someone who is phenomenal.

6. Black women have no problem with spoiling their men as long as they are appreciated and occasionally spoiled back.

7. If you want to have a lot of fun, laugh and enjoy life, you definitely want a black woman along for the ride.


Written by How Africa

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