7 Real Reasons Staying Single For A While Makes Your Next Relationship Better

It’s not easy staying single for personal reasons, the pressure could mount and you’ll end up making more mistakes than ever.


But if you decide to hold on for the right time, you realise that your new relationship is more likely to lead you to the altar because you are with the right person.

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Inspired by All Women Stalk, here are a few reasons staying single for a long time can make your next relationship the best you ever had.

1. You’ll be more dependent on yourself than your new partner.


2. You’ll be more picky (in a good way) about the next person you start a romantic relationship with.

3. You’ll be more ready whenever love finds you.

Engagement ring selfieplayEngagement ring selfie


4. You’ll be more mentally prepared for your next relationship.

5. Your last relationship will no longer determine how your next will be like. There’ll be no link between the two.A laughing couple

A laughing couple



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